Opened an online store

Opened an online store.


Opened an online store

Decided to open an online store. Going to promote it with Facebook and Twitter. I’m selling clothing with different sayings on them. If nothing else I’ll gain some experience on internet marketing. Who knows? Maybe it’ll take off and I’ll make a living off of it. You can find the store at

Latest update

Still moving forward on getting everything set up and tied together. Updated my profile. Need to use to send out a press release soon. Also need to setup a new Yahoo Voices account. Can’t seem to get into my old account to update the profile there. Which is aggravating cause my old account is already on the search engines list. But overall, I am satisfied with how things are moving along so far.

Getting everything together…

Took another step getting everything on the same page. Twitter is all set up (@RIBusSol) and the website is up and running ( My profile is 86% complete. Also got my LinkedIn profile all complete. So all that leaves to do now is get the business Facebook profile done and connected to everything else.

Now if only I could win a bid on I’d at least start to build my creditably up. It is so hard competing with people from other countries. They word for next to nothing! How do you compete with that and still make a living is beyond me. But I’m not giving up yet.

If I don’t revi…

If I don’t review my views in a formal account, I do so by conduct. Don’t you think that actions are more reliable evidence than words?


Ongoing journey….

Been trying to figure out the best way to promote the company on a very limited budget. I’m hoping to finish setting up the website by the end of the week. I’ve already submitted my blog and the business site to the search engines so they can be crawled and listed in the search engines.

I know I need to find some local professional organizations to join so that I can start to build a network of people. Also need to get some business cards done soon. But I can’t do that till I figure out a logo for the business, which is the tricky part. I know what needs to go into designing the logo, but keep drawing a blank on what it should be. Hopefully it will come to me soon.

Been using a site called to bid on freelance projects. No luck as of yet to winning one. But hopefully somebody will give me a chance to show what I can do so I can get some positive feedback to start building some credibility.

Starting Fresh

It is a weird experience starting fresh in a new career path. Having spent 10+ years in Emergency Services as a Firefigher & EMT-Cardiac (RI Advance Life Support provider) and now changing directions is a surreal experience. I am trying to find creative ways to highlight how my life experience can be used as a positive asset to other small business owners. Starting out on a shoe-string budget isn’t helping matters much.

So far I have set-up a LinkedIn profile, Google+ profile, and this blog. The webpage is being setup on a free server, which don’t look the greatest. But I figure something is better than nothing.

Going back to school after all these years will be another new experience. Plans are to earn an Associates Degree in Business Management from Community College of Rhode Island. If all goes well, I should graduate by the fall semester of next year.

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