Got first project

Well…I won my first project on this week. It’s a simple task of proofreading articles and posting them on Wikipedia. The project will run for about 3 months. I’m really excited about it. It feels good having some success after all the work I have done so far. Hopefully I can keep the ball rolling now.

Actually did some editing of articles on Wikipedia. I have never really explored the site before, but was really impressed by it. Adding your own little parts to a project that is constantly ongoing is really rewarding. You get to add something that others will learn from.

With this first payment I’ll be able to buy some online advertising and switch my website from a free server to a paid server. Course I will have to catch up on the latest website development software. But since I love learning new things, it shouldn’t be too bad for me.


About Domenic Marchetti
I'm beginning the transition of working in the Emergency Medical Services field to providing business services. I have started my own business called RI Business Services. This is my story as I go through the steps of trying to get myself established in this new field.

2 Responses to Got first project

  1. sherranda says:

    Great job. I just got on elance and I am still completing my profile. i will be excited as well when I land my first job on elance. i am going to edit my blog. i hadn’t really got started on it. Great job.

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