Windows 8 …..what happened?

Purchased a new laptop over the weekend. Great little machine by Acer. Very quick compared to my old unit. Webcam works great even in low light and the quality of sound from the speakers surprised me.

Problems is Windows 8. What a solid disappointment. The tile system may work great on a phone (I use Android) , but on a computer, no Microsoft, just no. And what is with having to use a Microsoft account to use everything???? Talk about shoving Microsoft products down my throat. Whoever came up with that bright idea should really be fired (or worse).

Microsoft better come up with a better alternative soon, cause this is not their best work. I’d use Windows 98 over Windows 8 any day. They have gone from a leader in the operating system arena to a follower. A poor follower at that.


About Domenic Marchetti
I'm beginning the transition of working in the Emergency Medical Services field to providing business services. I have started my own business called RI Business Services. This is my story as I go through the steps of trying to get myself established in this new field.

3 Responses to Windows 8 …..what happened?

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  2. Sorry but I Have to disagree, I love Windows 8. First downloaded it on my Windows 7 machine just before Christmas, this was an Acer Touchscreen Desktop and bought a Lenovo laptop with windows 8 a few weeks ago as well. I also have a windows phone. As for having to have a Microsoft account doesn’t Google and Apple do exactly the same thing and you only actually need the account to log onto the laptop you don’t have to use the other services.

    • Thank you for your comment, but so far every time I use a new service Microsoft requires me to sign in with my Microsoft account before I can sign in with my service account information.

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