Difficult Clients….

Dealing With Difficult Clients

Some clients got you looking like this guy??

I understand that sometimes people will be hard to deal with. Seems no matter how much you think you understand what they are asking of you, you get it wrong. These people never seem to be satisfied and just constantly change their minds. How do you deal with these clients??

Here are some tips:

  1. Remain calm and try not to take it personally.
  2. Listen carefully so you can repeat the clients needs back to him/her.
  3. Only say sorry once and include as part of a full sentence.
  4. Empathize with the clients and show that you understand their position.
  5. Summarize everything at the end of each exchange with the client.

Granted…you will still get that occasionally client that just will not be satisfied. You may just have to refuse work from that type of client in the future to save yourself the aggravation. The amount of stress generated from that one client can affect the work you complete for other clients. That can start a horrible snowball effect that will not end well.

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About Domenic Marchetti
I'm beginning the transition of working in the Emergency Medical Services field to providing business services. I have started my own business called RI Business Services. This is my story as I go through the steps of trying to get myself established in this new field.

One Response to Difficult Clients….

  1. paulbrodie says:

    Remaining calm is great advice, and sometimes really hard, which makes it a great starting point as you put it at number one. I worked for a year as a client service representative handling technical support. Sometimes it was difficult to remain calm when the client is very clearly aggravated and not holding back. Patience is a great attribute to develop when working with clients, and really in every aspect of life. Great list of tips for handling tough clients!

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