I know I have been slacking on keeping up on this blog. But, it has been for good reason. Business has been increasing. I now have 2 ongoing contracts providing customer service via telephone. The steady income helps to take the pressure off. Hoping to secure some virtual assistant contracts by the end of next week.

Also found a way to host a business website free for 1 year. Is is provided by Intuit and includes domain registration. So RI Business Solutions is now online at http://www.ribusinesssolutions.com. Actually found it by accident while researching EIN numbers.

I have started the process of interviewing graphics designers to team up with. Hoping to start providing the new service by June 1. Having the additional service category should help increase job traffic.

Overall I am very pleased with how things are progressing. I will be scheduling time 3 times a week to work on the blog now. So posts will still be a little slower coming, but I need to focus on growing the business for now.

Best of luck to all my followers on your endeavors.


About Domenic Marchetti
I'm beginning the transition of working in the Emergency Medical Services field to providing business services. I have started my own business called RI Business Services. This is my story as I go through the steps of trying to get myself established in this new field.

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