Social media | Why use it?

Social media marketing for small businesses.

Using social media to spread the word.

Social media marketing is one of the most important type of internet promotion in which small business owners are generally promoting their particular products/services and brand names social media sites such as Zynga, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on.

Social media marketing has grown to be a crucial portion of internet promotion among small business owners because of its cost-effectiveness, capability to get to qualified people speedily and create more leads/sales. It is important for small business owners because of its inexpensiveness and capability to get to a large number of qualified people within a lesser amount of time and extremely little work. 

Social media marketing is the greatest instrument for small business owners to personalize their business. Socialmediatoday, 83% of buyers would prefer to get information from your business by using Zynga and 53% with Tweets. 

Together with more than half of the globe’s human population signed up having various social media platforms, the chances of finding buyers are generally pretty high when using social media. Just in 2013, 36% of those who involved marketing experts with their marketing plan found buyers by using Tweets, 52% by using Facebook and 43% by using LinkedIn.

Soon after knowing the main advantages of utilizing social media as a marketing tool, quite a few small business owners have got increased time and investment allocated to marketing via social media platforms. Social media marketing is a superb solution to assemble the little business’ manufacturer and increase the consumer bottom. For those who have not really commenced marketing with social media platforms for your corporation, get going and reap the benefits of it – coming from a organization view.


Navigating A Pivot Point

Pivot Points In Small Business

Making the choice to change direction

That critical time in every business has come for me. Do I stay on the path that I have been going or make a change in direction? This decision is always a very important one that should not be made on a whim. My old mantra holds true here: DO YOUR RESEARCH.

With my business, I started out just providing virtual assistant services which then expanded into customer service which expanded into marketing which expanded into social media management. All this expansion was done without really looking at whether or not it would benefit my business cause I was just happy to have work coming through the door. But, I have realized I have lost focus of what my business stands for. Is this where I want my business to go?

Than answer was a loud and resonating “NO”. This was not the direction I wanted my business to go when I started it, nor is it where I want to continue on going. So time for a major pivot point. The question then became “Which way?”. This was a bit more difficult to answer and took some major consideration.

I have decided to keep to the basis of the name RI Business Solutions. I’m changing my target market to a more local geographic region and plan on working with very small businesses (less than 25 employees). I understand their needs and have the experience to help them.

The services will be internet marketing including website development (including mobile sites), social media management, search engine optimization, and content development. This is the direction that the world is moving and it can be an overwhelming experience for the typical small business owner to undertake on their own.

The major difference this time for me, I am doing my due diligence in creating a business plan for this pivot change. I’m doing the research to make sure I understand exactly where I want to go, how to get there, and what I will need for the trip.  I have even contacted the local SCORE chapter for some guidance and input.

So hopefully this new plan will work out.


5 Amazing Stats of mobile usage


More and more people are using this!


I was doing some research on the increasing usage of mobile smartphones and the numbers I found were staggering. Just American smartphone ownership has increased from 93.1 million in 2011 to 116 million in 2012. Imagine what the numbers will be for 2013?

Some other stats I found are:

  1. 4 out of 5 Americans use their smartphone to shop
  2. 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within 1 hour
  3. 75% of Americans admit to bringing their smartphone to the bathroom
  4. 40% of mobile users will choose another result if it is not mobile friendly
  5. 60% of all mobile searches are done on smartphones.

This is a market that cannot be ignored by any business owner. The potential of loss business is exponentially growing every year. It has reached a point of either get on board or get left behind. But this isn’t a market where you just want to go with the first solution you come across. Make sure to do your research of what is available to meet your specific business’s needs. Just cause something worked for someone else does not mean it is right for you.

Need more of a reason to start thinking about your  mobile marketing needs? Just watch this video:

If all this does not convince you to start getting your business ramped up for mobile maketing, I do not know what will.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or just to discuss the future of the mobile market.

* Statistics can be found at:

The 5 Fundamental Pillars of Mobile Marketing For 2014

Retailers Carving Out Space in M-Commerce Market

Mobile Behavior Big Game Seating (a study with Surveymonkey)


Marketing To A Local Audience


I have begun the task of marketing my computer repair business to my local community. I have a Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest account. I have a blog dedicated to computer repair. I’ve managed to get listed on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, SuperPages, and WhitePages. Amazing enough my pages rank on page 2 & 3 for my local keywords.

And for the first time I tried Facebook ads. Mostly because I started to create an ad and then changed my mind. But Facebook was kind enough to give me a coupon for $50 of free ads, so I went forward with it. Ad wording seems to be key here. My first day I got a lousy CTR, but changed up my ad copy and the past 2 days my CTR improved. I haven’t gained any new customers yet, but I am getting traffic through my website. That will at least help with my rankings on the search engines.

I have also done the old school ways of marketing……flyers. So far though… help whatsoever. I’m going to change up the flyer design to see if I can’t get a better response through that.

I’m also planning on running an ad in the local newspaper. That will be a story for another day. I’ll keep you all posted and if anybody has any tips for me, please share!

Where does the time go?

So it has been a really long time since I submitted anything to my blog. It is just amazing how time flies by without you ever realizing it.

I am excited to report that I will be taking over U.S. marketing efforts for Goro All-In-One Solutions. There is a lot of work ahead of me. Need to add additional sales team members, write out the press release, expand the social network marketing, etc. But it feels good to have the additional workload.

I’ll try to keep the updates coming as I progress.

P.S. Anyone have any tips on writing a great press release?

Latest Contract


Starting working with a great new start up company. They are called Goro All In One Marketing. They provide several solutions for mobile marketing. As I have started working with them I have come to realize how important mobile marketing is today.

  • Did you know that the growth of smartphone sales is expected to grow to 5 times that of laptop sales?

  • Or that in 2013, 90% of online searches was done on a smartphone?

  • And of that 90%, 60% made a physical appearance to the store they were searching for.

If you do not have a business website that is optimized for smartphone use, then you could be losing a lot of potential customers that move on to a website that is easier to navigate on their smartphone. Not a wise decision at all.

I am actually very impressed with their service and how well they seamlessly can take your existing website and convert it into a mobile application that is fully interactive, including providing placement on Google Maps for customers to easily find the establishment.

This is a client that I am actually excited about working with. I can see the potential of their product and can see a long successful relationship with them.

I’ll keep everyone posted as it progresses.

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Now this is a difficult question to answer and for many businesses there isn’t a right answer, whereas with some businesses its fairly obvious that PPC won’t really work for them, SEO by the way is something that all businesses should do. Now the businesses that both SEO and PPC would work for I detail the advantages and disadvantages of both and let them make their own decision and which they choose depends on if their business needs instant results or whether they can muddle through…

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It can be a daunting task for a business to choose a SEO company or a SEO consultant especially if they have no knowledge of it or if they have not used a SEO company or consultant before. What can sound fantastic over the phone from a salesman can often lead you to a ruined online business a few months down the road.

As choosing the right company is obviously a difficult problem for many businesses I will detail some of the things to look out for and some questions to ask to help you in the selection process.

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