Differences in business culture…how does it affect you?

Sending an email campaign

Bombs Away!

As most of my followers should know, I have talked about putting together an email campaign for the company that I sell mobile marketing solutions for (see Launching An Email Campaign & Launching An Email Campaign 2). Well…after much debate and research it should finally go out this week.

Part of the problem with getting this email campaign off the ground was the differences between the main companies business culture and our culture here in the United States. When I first started offering virtual assistance services, I did not take into account how different cultures conduct business.

Especially when it comes to marketing a product or service. What may work here in the U.S. does not necessarily work in the U.K. Or in Asia. And not knowing that coming into this project made it that much more difficult to get this campaign off the ground. Neither of us understood the business culture of the other.

Now that we are on the same page, I think future marketing endeavors will go much smoother. But for those of you who are planning to move your product service to the global market, do your research. Cause the differences can be staggering.


Effective Marketing — What works???


As you all know, I have been working on an email campaign for the mobile platform I am marketing. But, that isn’t the only avenue I am utilizing. I have learned slowly that an effective marketing strategy must have several components in order to work.

The problem that arises with this is figuring out how to reach your intended target market. There is so many different ways to get your name out there. Social networks, email campaigns, print media, even Craigslist can be used. Which one do you go with?

There is a couple of questions you should be considering when choosing the right medium to send your message.

  1. Will your message reach your target market with a certain strategy?
  2. What will be your ROI (return on investment) by using the strategy?
  3. What should my message be?
  4. Can I handle this myself or should I use a professional?

All the answers can be found by doing the right research. There is so much information available on the internet that anybody can make an informed decision before embarking on a particular marketing strategy. And I advise you to do the research.

A poorly executed marketing campaign can actually hamper your efforts by making it appear as you do not know what your doing. Nothing hurts business quicker than appearing unprofessional.

Some key sites to start at are:




Small Business Owner Weekly Review (Week of April 22, 2013)

National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week (http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/04/small-business-week.html) is in 2 weeks. Brings to mind on how  to take advantage of this national holiday in your marketing campaigns.

The number of small businesses has grew 49% since 1982 (http://www.sba.gov/content/small-business-trends) That is a huge market to target. Especially if your in the business of providing services to small businesses as I am. But how do you target them effectively?

Today’s technologically advanced world gives us so many variables to create an effective marketing campaign. You have social media, online ads, blogging, tv, radio, print, and most recently cell phone applications. Where do you begin?

Most important is to know your target market (http://www.dosomething.org/u/how-to/how-to-find-your-target-audience). If you do not understand their needs and wants, then you cannot effectively target your advertising campaign to them. Research is very important in this aspect. A good starting point on how to do this is an article by Inc. titled “How To Narrow Your Target Market“. They provide a nice overview with links to other resources to help you on your way.

So be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Let your small business clients know how much you appreciate their business and offer them the support they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Opened an online store

Decided to open an online store. Going to promote it with Facebook and Twitter. I’m selling clothing with different sayings on them. If nothing else I’ll gain some experience on internet marketing. Who knows? Maybe it’ll take off and I’ll make a living off of it. You can find the store at www.zazzle.com/zogbear.

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